EuroCann is positioned as a leading player in the German medical cannabis market backed by seasoned executives in the global cannabis sector

European Cannabis Corporation Ltd (“Eurocann”) is an Australian, unlisted public company with extensive connections into the global medical cannabis sector. It owns 100% of the HAPA Pharm Group in Germany that was established by a group of seasoned German executives specifically to take advantage of the 2017 changes in German legislation allowing for medicinal cannabis to become available to patients.

HAPA is an early mover in this market and is rapidly building a vertically integrated business where it has activities across the spectrum from cultivation, manufacturing and distribution of its medical products (both CBD-only as well as those containing THC). It also conducts medical outreach/education programmes to physicians and patients as well as certain clinical trial activities.


Vertically integrated cultivation, manufacturing and distribution


Focused on a portfolio of pharmaceutical grade medicines and lifestyle products


Extensive medical outreach programme educating doctors and patients

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